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  • LOCKKING SLIDING DOOR LOCKS replaces the door lock which can be unreliable.
  • Stoplock which is included, helps secure the door, especially older doors and homes with pet door panels.
  • Senior & Elderly Friendly– Lockking Security Bars for Sliding Door Locks will fit most types of sliding glass doors, aluminum,vinyl or wood.
  • Sliding Doors Must Slide on the Inside Track, and a 3/4″ flat surface is needed for the brackets.
  • Child Protection / Out-Of-Reach– When the Lockking Sliding Door Locks are installed at a higher height it can be un-accessible for small children especially when used with Lockking Stoplock.
  • Disabled & Handicapped Security– Lockking Sliding Door Locks can be Custom Made to accommodate most handicapped situations.
    • Easy to Install and Use– The 3m Double Sided High Adhesive Tape used to attach the bars to your door makes installation very easy.  A Simple Push Up or Down and the bar is Locked or Unlocked. Use Lockking Stoplock for extra security.

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  • The Locking Sliding Door Locks can be installed at different heights.-depending on your needs.
    • No More Bending Over– to reach sticks and broom handles jammed between the door and the side to keep the sliding door from being opened. Lockking makes it Easy to Secure your Sliding Door.

    Lockking Sliding Door Locks

    • You don’t have to bend over to undo a clamp or have to cut to fit, the Lock Bar is ready to go after a simple install.

    Return Policy

    Purchased items can be returned within 30 days for full refund less shipping costs. Items must be unused and undamaged. Purchaser is responsible for cost of shipping product back to JTC Solutions. All Special orders are non-returnable and non-refundable.


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