How To Raise Your Sliding Glass Door

Before installing a Lockking Sliding Glass Door Lock you should raise your sliding glass door up and still slides easily. This will keep someone on the outside from pushing up on the sliding door and unlatching most factory latches. To do this you will need the right kind of screwdriver, either a … [Read more...]

Stoplock , Added Protection for your Security Bar

Stoplock for your Lockking Security BarsStoplock is a special slide over lock that keeps the Lockking Security Bar from being unlocked.Some of the older sliding glass doors were manufactured without a protective barrier between them when the doors are in the closed position.Without … [Read more...]

Lockking Window Security Bar

Lockking, manufacturers of Security Bars for Sliding Glass Doors has now a Security Bar for Horizontal Sliding Windows.The New Security Bar is modeled after Lockking's Commercial Security Bar and Lockkings Pet Door Security Bar, the Window Security Bar installs low out of view. Still easy to … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Valuables Safe

Every home has valuables inside that the owner wants to protect. These items range from sentimental value to very expensive works of art. It makes no difference if the home is in the affluent part of town or not, the contents of the home are valuable to the owner. Luckily, there are ways that one … [Read more...]

Common Tips For Home Security Part 1

I think it goes without saying that a little bit of Common Sense can go a long way.  With that said not everyone has had the same exposures in life so the Common Sense Factor may be relevant to the individual.First of all when you approach your  locked house can you make entry without a key.  If … [Read more...]

Apartment and Dorm Security Bars

Apartments and Dorms Security Bars for Sliding Glass Doors and Windows from Lockking Security Bars. Usually you can't install something that is permanent in a apartment or dorm. Lockking uses 3M VHB Double Sided Industrial Foam Tape to mount the security bar brackets to the sliding glass … [Read more...]

When You’re Away from Home

You always want your Home Safe and Secure when you're at home, but how about when you're away.  If you travel you would want the Peace of Mind while you're gone.Nothing can stop a determined burglar, but usually they are in and out in a short period of time.  If it's to much work they will … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Security-Made in USA

Lockkings Security Bars are an quick and easy solution for your sliding glass door. Made in USA of quality materials. Easy to Install and Easy to Use makes Lockking Security Bars/Safety Locks the best solution for sliding door security. … [Read more...]

Seniors ,Home Security and Lockking Sliding Glass Doors Security Bars,Locks

Seniors ,Home Security and Lockking Sliding Glass Doors Security Bars,Locks  If you're anything like me, any changes in routine can be unsettling.  From a change in a doctors appointment, to an unexpected visit from my grandkids... I guess as you get older, your ‘Life Box’ seems to become … [Read more...]

Commercial Security Bar for Sliding Glass Doors

Lockking Commercial Security BarsSecurity Bars for Commercial Buildings.Designed for Apartments, Motels, Hotels, Business's with Sliding Glass Doors.-Commercial Security Bar has a Tamper Proof adjustment.-Mounting brackets have pre-drilled holes for screws to prevent … [Read more...]