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Lockking Sliding Door Lock 3 Door Action

    LockKings Sliding Door Lock

    LockKing Sliding Glass Door Lock are designed for Commercial and Residential Sliding Doors and Patio Doors and have Tamper Proof functions. They are Great for Homes, Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Dorms or where Extra Security is needed.

  • Just measure up the side of the sliding door and jamb to the desired height and apply brackets to a clean surface (please use rubbing alcoholdo not use window cleaner or anything that has soap in it).
  • The Lockking Sliding Glass Door Lock have a Easy to Adjust screw with a supplied hex wrench.
  • The Adjustment Screw on the bottom of the Lockking Sliding Glass Door Lock helps makes the security bar Tamper Proof.
  • Lockkings Sliding Glass Door Lock have 3M Industrial Grade Foam Tape applied to the mounting brackets that allow for Easy Installation.
  • The Mounting Brackets of the Security Lock come pre-drilled to accept the supplied screws for Extra Security as an Option.
  • Included with all Lockking Security Bars is the Stoplock, designed for Extra Security.
  • A Simple Adjustment of the Tamper Proof screw with the supplied hex wrench and the Security Lock is ready for use.
  • Click Here for Installation Instructions

Lockkings Sliding Door Lock

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