Stoplock , Added Protection for your Security Bar

Stoplock for your Lockking Security Bars

Stoplock is a special slide over lock that keeps the Lockking Security Bar from being unlocked.

Some of the older sliding glass doors were manufactured without a protective barrier between them when the doors are in the closed position.

Without this solid barrier a burglar can slide a slim jim or other device between the doors and unlock a security bar or other security devices.

Lockking has developed a device called the StopLock which fits on the security bar and prevents the lifting up of the security bar and unlocking it, and when not in use slides out of the way.

Not all sliders have this problem, but Lockking supplies the customer with the StopLock at no extra charge. Pet Door Panels are the most vulnerable because the sliding glass door is in the open position.

Stoplock for Lockking Security Bars for Pet Doors